Accessing and Printing Reports

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To access SyncTimes reporting, contact a SyncTimes representative at 385-350-0312 or send an email to They will provide you with a link that you can enter into your web browser (Chrome is preferred).

See below for a video tutorial on printing SyncTimes reporting.


Once you have accessed the reporting page, filter and sort using the drop down menus on the left. This will allow you to see the reports for a specific department or provider.


drop down menus.PNG

To print a report to use in staff meetings, simply hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your key board and press ‘P’. A window will open where you can select the ‘landscape’ orientation. Then click print.

Note: We recommend using Chrome. Printing from Internet Explorer is not supported.



If you are printing the scheduling or exam room utilization report you may need to select the ‘Background Graphics’ check box in the ‘More Settings’ section.



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