Adding and Managing Icons

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Icons can be managed and updated on the Cesium.SyncTimes admin page. First, let’s cover how to add and remove icons.

Adding and Removing Icons

To add or remove icons, select the arrow next to the ‘Configure’ option on the left-hand menu to view your options. Then select ‘Groups.’


Groups snap shot.png

Next you will come to your organizations Groups List. Click on “Assign Actions” under Group Information on the right-hand side.


Assign Actions snap shot.png

You can now add icons by dragging and dropping from Available Group Actions to Assigned Group Actions, and vice versa to remove icons. After making changes, save your results by selecting ‘Save’ on the bottom left.


Icons snap shot.png

Adding and Removing Sounds to Icons

To add a sound to an icon, go back to the ‘Configure’ option and select ‘Organization.’  You will then use the options on the right to select add/remove or upload audio.


1: Use this option to upload new audio saved on your device.


2: Add and manage sounds from this option.

sound settings.png

1. Default Sounds: By selecting a sound option from this list, you begin the process of adding a sound to an icon.

2. Custom Sounds: This section is for any uploaded sounds as discussed in “Upload Audio” section.

3. Device Settings: This section specifies what device you want the sound coming from and at what instance you want the sound initiate.

  • Action Initiated: this section tells the system to which devices you want the sound initiated, either the inside exam room, the outside exam room, or the flow station.
  • Action Priority Raised: the section tells the respective device to play the sound when the priority on that icon is raised.
  • Persistence for Normal: this section specifies the interval (as number of seconds) in sound alert for the icon at regular priority. If the number is set to ‘0’, this indicates no persistence of the sound alert. If it is set to ‘5’, this indicates to sound to alert every five seconds.
  • Persistence for High: this section specifies the interval (as number of seconds) in sound alert for the icon at high priority. The number of seconds set is how often the sound is initiated.

4. Sound Test: You can test your sound here. Remember to save your settings.

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