Adding and Updating Badge Token Numbers

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An RFID badge is typically used to open doors that are equipped with electronic locks. Most likely, your organization already uses this technology. If this is the case, the same badge will work for SyncTimes devices as well. If not, SyncTimes will provide badges for this purpose.

To assign and update tokens, we will first discuss how to add a token to the system.

There are two ways to create a token, the first is when creating a new user. But you can also create one any time by logging into Cesium.SyncTimes and expanding the ‘Configure’ option in the left-hand menu. Then select ‘Tokens’.



You’ll be brought to your organization’s tokens list. Select the ‘+’ icon to add a new token number.


You can now enter the token number, token type, and then save to add the number to the system.

Entering RFID Token

Entering the token number is done by plugging the badge reading device into the USB port on your computer. Click on the RFID* field and scan the badge. The number will automatically populate after being scanned.

Step 1: plug the scanner (above) into computer USB port.

Step 2: Click on the RFID* field and scan badge. The token number will automatically populate.


Available token types are: User, Provider, Patient, and Instrument. It is important to select the correct type as you will not be able to assign a token to a provider that is not designated as the ‘provider type’.

Once the token has been added to the system, you can assign the token to a user by selecting ‘Users’ from the left-hand menu.


Adding Users - Configure.PNG

Select the user that you would like to assign/update their tokens and click on the ‘Assign Tokens’ option on the right side of the screen.


Assign Token.PNG

To add/remove tokens, select it in one of the two tables below and use the arrows to move them to the correct side. Click save to update the assigned tokens.



You can also edit tokens by selecting them from the Tokens List and clicking on ‘Edit Token’. However, you will only be able to edit the token number.

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