Adding and Updating Users

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You can add and update users on the Cesium.SyncTimes admin page. First, let’s cover how to add new users.

Adding a User

First, select the arrow next to the ‘Configure’ option on the left-hand menu to view your options. Then select ‘Users’.


Adding Users - Configure.PNG

Next you will come to your organization’s Users List. Click on the ‘+’ icon to create a new user.


Users List.PNG

You can now enter the new user’s basic information and enter them into the system:


User Fields.PNG

1: Name of the Organization the user is assigned to.

2: The Site that the user will be assigned to.

3: Select the group that the User works in (medical, urgent care, etc.)

4: Type of user (provider, user, etc.)

5: First name of the user.

6: Last name of the user.

7: Email address for the user.

8: Username for login purposes (this will automatically default to the email address)

9: Enter a temporary password for the user. Upon first login you will be prompted to create a new password.

10: The date that the user will become active in the system.

11: Enter the token number from the user’s RFID badge by plugging in a badge scanner to your computer and scanning the badge while in the Token RFID field. This will allow the badge readers at the exam rooms to recognize which user is entering the room. This will also create a new token in the tokens section.

After filling out these fields you can assign roles to the user from the options below. To add a role, simply select the role from the left-hand column and use the arrows between the two tables. To remove a role, just do the opposite.

You will need to add an image for the new user, select save, and the user will be added to the system.

User Roles.PNG

Editing Users

To edit a User in the system, go back to your organization’s user list and select the user that you would like to modify. You will then use the options on the right to select what you would like to edit.


Edit User.PNG

1: Use this option to add/update the roles assigned to a user. See above for instructions on how to update the roles.

2: Assign a badge reader token from the available tokens. For instructions on how to assign tokens, click here.

3: This button will open the User Fields window to edit basic user information.

4: Reset a user’s password with this option.
5: Deactivate a user by clicking this option.

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