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Exam Room Device 101

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Each exam room is assigned two devices: inside and out. They are designed to help care teams communicate what is happening in the room and which next steps are needed.

This article will cover the basics of the exam room device, if you would like to view our suggestions on how to use the devices most effectively, click here to visit our Best Practices article.

Badging In/Out of the Exam Room:

Badge scanners are located underneath the outside exam room device. Badging in is as easy as tapping and holding your badge against the scanner until you hear the ‘beep’.



Adding a Patient:

To add a patient, simply use your finger to click the circle in the upper left area of the screen. The patient icon will then appear and turn green on the exam room devices (inside and out) as well as the FlowStation.



Exam Room Action Icons:

Action icons are meant to communicate what is needed next for the patient. Icons will be the same for the department but may be customized within the cesium web page, click here to learn how to manage the exam room devices icons.





exam 101.PNG

1: Click here to add a patient to the room. The green patient icon will appear in the inside and outside exam room devices as well as the FlowStation.

2: Icons that have been activated appear here.

3: This section of the device will display an image of anybody who has badged into the room. It will also appear on the corresponding FlowStation.

4: Action Icons. If you organization has more than nine icons, you can scroll down with your finger to view them. Icon placement can be managed within the cesium web page.

5: The room that this device is assigned to is displayed here.

6: The amount of time that has passed from the last time somebody badged in/out of the room.

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