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FlowStation 101

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The FlowStation is designed to keep everybody on the same page. The exam room devices will communicate with the FlowStation to display the activity within each room, as well as what is needed next for the patient.

This article will explain the basic ins and outs of the flow station. If you would like suggestions on how to use the FlowStation, click here to view our Best Practices article.

Assigning Providers:

First, the FlowStation can be viewed on the provider level or the site level. The provider level will display only the exam rooms that the FlowStation is assigned to. The site view will display all exam rooms for that location.

To the left is the site selection and on the right is that provider that this FlowStation is assigned to.

When choosing a provider to assign to the FlowStation, select the drop-down menu in the top left of the screen.


This will open the Site/Provider selection window. If your organization has multiple locations using SyncTimes, you can select the location here with the first drop down menu. The second drop down menu is used to select which provider the FlowStation is assigned to.

Additionally, you can assign exam rooms to providers by choosing the provider in the second drop down menu and selecting the check box of the corresponding exam rooms. Then select ‘Update Assignment’.


A: Site drop down menu

B: Provider drop down menu

C: Check box used to assign exam rooms to providers

D: Used to update any changes made to provider assignments.


Next, we will cover the different types of icons used in the FlowStation to assist care teams in communication and productivity.

The FlowStation screen is meant to be a snapshot of everything that is happening in the Health Center. You can locate other members of the care team, see which rooms have patients in them, and which patient is next to be seen and more. The following image and list will explain the FlowStation capabilities in detail.




A: This area will display the exam room and how long the Patient has been either alone or with a member of the care team. It is important to note that this is not necessarily the total time that the patient has been in the exam room but rather the time since that last member of the care team badged in/out of the room.

B: This is the image of the provider that the exam room is assigned to.

C: A green person icon is displayed when there is a patient in the room.

D: The middle column will display the image of the provider, nurse, MA, etc. if they are in the room with the patient. That’s right, no more knocking doors to find the provider.

E: Last but not least, is the tasks icon section. These are the icons that have been selected from the exam room device and display what is needed next for the patient.

Now that you know the basics, you are ready for the SyncTimes Best Practices article. Click here to view our suggestions on using the FlowStation.

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