Provider Scheduling Report

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The Provider Scheduling Report is designed to help you add additional patients into a provider’s schedule without overbooking.

See below for a video tutorial on the Provider Scheduling Report:


From the reporting landing page, select the ‘Scheduling’ tab:


You will now see a heat map of provider schedules at your organization.

The red time slots are relatively less busy than the time slots in green.


The number in each time slot represents the total number of patients that the provider has seen in the selected time range. To change the time range, use the timeline selector:


timeline selector scheduling.PNG

You can also filter the site, department, provider and day of the week using the drop down menus on the left:



Expand to see a provider’s visits by day of week by clicking on the ‘+’ sign next to the provider name:



Best Practices:

  • Double book where no-show rates are higher.

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