Updating User Images

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If you are reading this, somebody really didn’t like their picture that HR gave to you for use in SyncTimes. The good news is you can change those images easily in the cesium.synctimes web page.

After logging in, navigate through the left hand menu to ‘Configure’ and then to ‘Users’.


configure users.PNG

You will then be able to select the user you would like to edit.



Once you have clicked on that user, select ‘Edit User’ from the options on the right side of the screen.



To change the image, select ‘Choose File’. This will allow you to find and select the picture that you have saved onto your computer.

*Note: If the image you would like to use is larger than one MB in size it will be too big to use. To fix this, open the image with paint or paint 3D (one of these is most likely already installed in your computer). After opening the image, save the image as a .GIF file type. This will reduce the size of the image enough to use in SyncTimes.


pic change.PNG

After you have uploaded the image, just click save and you are finished. If you need further assistance, please contact us by submitting a support ticket through the link below.

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Click here to reach out to us for assistance.